Gallery: Transformers Earthrise Starscream

Every show has that one character who breaks out and takes on a life of their own. When it comes to The Transformers, there is a bot who stands wing tips and shoulder vents above most others – Starscream. Iconic, scheming, treacherous, charming and a half dozen other epithets in between, Starscream’s lust for power was one of the longest running themes of the franchise and helped turn him into one of its most enduring characters. The poor lads dark designs might inevitably be doomed to failure, but he does at least find himself featured in most new iterations of the franchise. Only recently, Siege gave us an excellent new Cybertronian styled voyager Seeker mold that looked suspiciously like something Starbuck had pinched from the deck of the Galactica. With a new Top Gun movie releasing later this year, it was only fitting that Earthrise restore Starscream to his most iconic form, with a G1 inspired toy that is perfectly suited to swooshing to the sounds of Kenny Loggins.

Thanks to the fine folks over at Kapow Toys I got to take a bunch of pictures of Starscream and create a gallery which you can find below. You can find all of the Earthrise toys on their site, and grab your own Starscream right now by clicking here: Earthrise Voyager Starscream.

starscream jet mode

“Highway to the danger zoneeeeeee……”

earthrise starscream jet mode top

“New job Megatron said. Soar to new heights and look down on others from a lofty position he said. Google Maps was NOT what I had in mind!”

earthrise starscream jet mode

“I wonder if I can get in that new Top Gun movie? Is Thundercracker writing it?”

earthrise starscream optimus prime

“All the danger you can handle is already here, Floptimus Prime!”

transformers earthrise starscream micromaster skystalker

“Brand synergy.”

earthrise voyager starscream

“Conquest is made of the ashes of one’s enemies.”

transformers earthrise starscream megatron

“Hey Megatron, you didn’t reply to Whatsapp – so I thought I’d just…. drop in!”

earthrise starscream with crown

“Alas, poor Megatron! I knew him, Astrotrain: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath borne me on his back a thousand times…”

transformers earthrise starscream voyager review astrotrain shockwave

“Yes Astrotrain, your light up LA Gear trainers are cool – BUT CAN THEY DO THIS?”

earthrise voyager starscream bot mode

Hauntingly handsome.

Thanks again to Kapow Toys for sending Starscream over to be photographed for this gallery. You can check out their fantastic selection of toys by visiting their website, where you’ll find Transformers, Star Wars, Diaclone, DC, Marvel, Masters of the Universe, TMNT and much, much more. Check them out here: Take me to the toys!

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